Police Certificate Application Management System (PCAMS)

Verification through accurate processing!

An Adverse result found on applicant may cause a delay in the processing time paid for!

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Criminal Records

Recorded Convictions, Unrecorded Convictions, Spent Convictions and Disclosure Requirements


Payment Options for Overseas Applicant

Fees may be paid in USD, CAD, Pound and any note tenable in Jamaica via money order made payable to the Commissioner of Police as well as a third party locally, who will make the payment at the tax office.



Persons living overseas must submit:
Fingerprints (signed and stamped by the police or reputable agency in your country of residence. The name of the person taking the fingerprints must be clearly stated on the document
Two passport-sized photographs (May be signed but NOT embossed)
• Bio-data page of passport (must be certified) • If sent by FedEx or DHL, a return label must be sent if the document is to be sent back to the receiving destination via the same method
• Bank draft/money order made payable to the Commissioner of Police



Persons who require a Police Record should visit any of the Inland Revenue Department Offices (Tax Office) and pay
for the record or Pay Online.

The receipt must be in the name of the applicant.
The fees are:
JMD $3,000 - Regular Service (21 working days)
• JMD $6,000 - Express Service (5 working days) NB- Please be advised that appointments are scheduled for the earliest possible date available. JMD $8,000 - Next Day Service (Temporarily Suspended)
The receipt and the following documents must then be taken to the Technical Services Division (Criminal Records Office), 56 Duke Street, Kingston.
Tax Payer Registration Number (TRN) Two passport-sized photographs (should NOT be certified or embossed) • One of the following pieces of VALID identification - passport, national identification card or driver's license If the police record is for overseas/travelling purposes, a VALID
passport must be presented

Why Criminal Records Office

Accurate Record Keeping

Individuals, Business Persons and the working  community needs to know the status of ones criminal background for a safer space to live, play and do businesses.

Applicant must be ontime

Applicant who fails to appear at the date and time given after applying for their Police Record may have to rejoin a cue which may impact their businesses and purpose of applying. Proof of the delay maybe vetted by a Supervisor

Pickup Location

Applicant MUST pay attention to their email to know which pickup area to appear for their printed certification.

NOTE: Pickup location is the last area to appear. DO NOT APPEAR UNTIL FINGERPRINT IS DONE

CRO Availability

All Offices are opened at 8am Mondays-Thursdays and end at 4pm.

Open 8am on Fridays and end at 3pm. This at times varies according to location so be sure to contact us (876)922-0125 or (876)344-0962.


What our Clients Say?

I’ve not always had positive experiences with government offices but my visit to criminal office was really great. I got there before they open, around 7:45am (they opened at 8:30am), approx 20 persons were there before me and I got through just before 9:30am. The process was fairly quick and easy, I was pre-screened at the door and then again on the inside, then I was fingerprinted then waited to get my date to pick up my results. I wish all government offices were this efficient. Thank you.

Valeena Pinnock

Google Business Visitor 

I had rocky start as couldn’t get through last Friday up until today but I took a chance and WhatsApp the number given and wala . In seconds I got a response and shortly and appointment for my cousin.. hey it works.. I gave them a 5 star because this method deserves it.. WhatsApp to Di worl


JCF online police certificate application system is impressive. There was a small bump in the road re the authentication of the payment receipt # but it was eventually done. It’s user friendly with a pleasant interface. Well done

Clyde Williams
Clyde Williams
Attorney at Law
twitter User
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